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Power I.T. offers itself as a full-fledged recruiting firm, dedicated to placing only the most skilled and talented information technology professionals in wide variety of challenging and motivated workplaces. 

Doing things differently

We work directly with candidates to truly learn and understand their specific skills and talents. Learning about our candidates, the types of positions that they want, the types of industries in which they want to work, and more allows us to ensure that our candidates and applicants are the best suited for the position. 

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best talent and ensuring that we understand all of the nuances of specific positions and working environments with our client companies.

We only bring candidates that we know can and will be successful for our clients. We subscribe to the old adage: "quality over quantity."


We find the best tech talent for your business. We cater every search to each specific position. 


Finding applicants is one factor, determining the right candidates to send to your company is our passion.


It's all up to you! We handle a large portion of the hiring process for companies of any size - but the joy of adding a new team member is all yours!


We take many steps to ensure that the talent we send to your company are prepared to apply and work ASAP.

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