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Connecting Top IT Talent
With World Class Companies

Technology Staffing & Consulting

Power I.T. is a technology staffing company that provides I.T. contract and direct-hire services to companies that are leaders in their industry.


Our executive search division, Power Executive, provides executive search services with a focus on I.T. and I.T. related executives nationwide.

We understand that top talent on a team can make the difference between a project that is delivered on time and on budget vs. the challenges of delays and added costs.

More often than not, finding and hiring the right talent for the job can be a challenge, given the high demand, nationwide, for experienced and effective I.T. professionals.

Our information technology recruiters understand that we have two clients…

The leaders within the companies that engage us to search for quality talent, and the professionals who have the skills and talents that companies need to drive results.

We are a technology staffing company dedicated to understanding our clients’ business objectives and technical needs in order to provide candidates who have the technical skills and experience to drive results for our clients.

Power I.T. Recruiters

Our Power I.T. information technology recruiters have a network of top talent they have built relationships with, over the years, through our Career Planning Program. Our Career Planning Program,
works by reaching out to candidates who are not currently on the market to better understand their long-term career goals, and to then design a plan to help them achieve those goals. This gives us a network of well-qualified candidates with various skillsets that we can then work with when the timing and role is right, versus relying solely on ads and job boards to find qualified candidates.

Our team of experienced information technology recruiters understands the challenges our clients and candidates face when hiring a new team member or searching for the right role to enhance their career. Caring that the right connection is made, between the client and the candidate, is what drives them.


A Proven Process

Our goal as a technology staffing company is quality for both the client and the candidate, so we work with our candidates and our clients through every step of the recruiting process, including the candidate’s transition into the new role. This is done to ensure that our clients have the best opportunity to hire and retain the best possible candidate, while our candidates secure the right long- term role that aligns with their career goals. As a result, both our clients, and our candidates, win.

Our proven recruiting process enables us to find the best possible I.T. Professionals that are interested, available, and qualified for the job. This process reduces the number of days it takes to fill roles for our clients, and increases retention of talent, saving time, resources, and money.

To learn more about how we can help your organization reduce the number of days it takes to fill roles,
contact us today.

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